First2Warn Weather Alerting System

  A one of a kind solution for your severe weather needs
  from Skywatch Services

What First2Warn offers you:

First2Warn is an online system that will alert your facility for any Tornado, Severe Thunderstorm or Flash Flood Warnings. While most services notify you for the entire county, First2Warn will also pinpoint the storm's threat relative to your location. In addition - if the storm will not impact your facility, but will be close by and possibly a threat later, it will still alert while specifying that you are not under any immediate threat.


The advantages:

Avoid situations where you are shutting down operations for a possible tornado on the other side of the county moving away from your site. At the same time - you can have more faith that warnings for your facility are an immediate threat and need quick action!

Why bother?


Too many businesses feel that warnings can just be ignored, due to perceived false alarms, "blue sky" warnings, and the like. First2Warn makes sure you know which ones require an urgent response and which ones don't. The potential price of ignoring alerts is just too high...